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3 Reasons to Believe in Newport Woods Basswood Window Blinds

high-quality classic wood blinds

Do you want to warm up one of the rooms in your home while also adding some real value to your home overall? Do it by having wood St. Petersburg, FL window blinds installed today. Wood blinds are guaranteed to warm up any space and add a touch of elegance to it. At the same time, they can be used to limit how much sunlight is coming into a room while making your home more energy efficient at the same time. 

Wood blinds are a great option all around. But the one problem you might run into is picking out which wood blinds are right for you. There are lots of different options out there with each of them coming with their own benefits. Newport Woods Basswood Blinds from Comfortex might just be the best option of all, though. They’ll provide you with all the features you want from wood blinds. Here are 3 reasons to believe in them. 

They’re made out of real wood. 

There are a lot of wood blinds that look like wood but don’t actually contain any wood in them. The Newport Woods Basswood Blinds are different. They’re made out of 100 percent premium basswood, which gives them a timeless look. They have all the warmth and beauty that you would expect from wood blinds in St. Petersburg, FL. They also pair nicely with other types of wood. That means that your Newport Woods Basswood Blinds will look great situated next to wood furniture, wood accents, and more. 

They’re easy to operate. 

Some of the wood blinds that are on the market today can be a little difficult to operate. The wood slats on them can be relatively heavy, and that can make it tough to open them up and lift them. That’s definitely not the case with Newport Woods Basswood Blinds. They come with a system that makes them super easy to open and close, and their parts won’t wear out like the parts used on other wood blinds. You won’t have any trouble at all controlling them when you want to put them up or down. 

They come in many different styles. 

There are a handful of styles to pick from when you buy Newport Woods Basswood Blinds. The styles include routed, rootless, trapezoidal bottom rail, and more. Additionally, there are different slat sizes available for Newport Woods Basswood Blinds. There is a 1 3/8-inch size that’s perfect for French doors and smaller windows. There is also a 2-inch size that looks great over most regular-sized windows. And there’s a 2 3/8-inch slat that can set you up with a better view of the great outdoors if you want it. There are also decorative options like valances available for Newport Woods Basswood Blinds. 

Check out the Newport Woods Basswood Blinds in person to see why so many homeowners have fallen in love with them. Give us a call at (813) 613-2327 today to arrange an in-home estimate or come visit us at 4910 W Knollwood St, Tampa, FL 33634 for more information on all our window treatments in St. Petersburg, FL. 

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