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3 Reasons Why Shutters Are Perfect for Summer

3 Reasons Why Shutters Are Perfect for Summer

Aw, summer. The time of year for pool parties, backyard barbeques and family vacations. Many people are surprised to learn that summer is also a very busy time for homeowners and home improvement projects. One popular project homeowners choose for this time of year is having new window shutters installed in their home. While shutters can add beauty and function to your home all year long, they offer some benefits that are very useful in the summer months. Keep reading as providers of Lakeland shutters explain what these are.

What are Interior Window Shutters?

Many people may be familiar with shutters on the exterior of home, but with blinds and curtains being the most common form of window treatments, many times people may not be as familiar with interior window shutters.

Shutters can come in a variety of styles and types from full-length to café-style. However, one thing they all have in common is they are made of panels of slats that can be opened and closed. Depending on what type of shutters you choose, these shutters can have an entire panel move or be installed so that only the top or bottom are able to move. Since there are so many options of how to have them opened and closed, they offer many benefits that curtains or blinds simply cannot.

1. Shutters Provie Superior Privacy

When the weather is nice, it seems like everyone comes out of their homes and the once quiet neighborhood becomes a busy, bustling place. From children playing, to neighbors cleaning their pools or hosting backyard parties, there are many more people outside in the summer. This means, more people that can potentially see inside your home.

If you want the upmost privacy this summer, window shutters are your best bet. Since shutters close securely and tight, there are no gaps or holes for people to see in through as there are with curtains or blinds. Once your shutters are closed, you can be confident of your privacy.

2. Stay Cooler

It seems like no matter where you live, summers are getting hotter and hotter each year. One way to help combat this and stay cooler is by installing shutters. When your shutters are closed, they provide one more layer of protection between your home and the outside sun and heat. This helps the temperature in your home stay cooler without you air conditioning unit have to go into overtime.

3. Let the Light In

Shutters are a fantastic option when you want to stay cool but yet also allow light in. This is because with so many ways of directing the light, you can focus it away from hitting you or parts of the room directly while still allowing it to come in.

For example, when you have curtains, you can open them as much or as little as you would like, but the sun is always going to come in through the window the same way (depending on the that time of day). However, with shutters, you could open the top two panels to allow light to come in while keeping the bottom two closed so that no light shines directly into the room.

You can see why many homeowners decide to have their new Lakeland shutters installed in the summer months. With so many benefits they provide, they are perfect for this time of year!

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