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4 Common Myths About Window Blinds You Shouldn’t Believe

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4 Common Myths About Window Blinds You Shouldn’t Believe

Have people tried to tell you that you shouldn’t invest in window blinds in St. Petersburg, FL for your home because they’re going to fall apart on you before long? This is one of the most prominent myths about blinds out there. There are some people who mistakenly believe that window blinds aren’t durable enough when they are, in fact, one of the most durable window coverings around when you purchase ones made out of wood or faux wood. And this is just one of the many myths about blinds that you shouldn’t buy into when you hear it. Check out four other common myths about window blinds below.

They’ll look cheap when you have them installed.

There are, of course, some St. Petersburg, FL blinds that are going to look cheap when you install them in your home. But as long as you buy high-quality window blinds, you’re not going to have to worry about this. There is nothing cheap about wood or faux wood window blinds. They’ll add a touch of class to your home and deliver a warmth that you just won’t find in many other window covering options.

They’ll ruin the views from inside your home.

If you pick out window blinds for your home that don’t fit your windows well and clash with the style throughout the rest of your house, they might not do much for your home’s views. But if you go with ones that are the right size for your windows and that complement your home’s style, they’ll enhance whatever views your home already provides. Most modern-day window blinds are also easy to open and close, which will make it simpler for you to enjoy your views whenever you want.

They’ll prove to be too difficult to clean.

The last thing you want to do is purchase window blinds for your home that are going to force you to do a lot of work to keep them clean. But despite what some people might say, window blinds aren’t going to fall into this category. You will have to dust them off every so often and possibly scrub them every few months. But outside of doing these things, blinds don’t call for you to do too much maintenance at all.

They’ll serve as a safety risk for children and pets.

All window coverings are going to serve as safety risks for children and pets to some degree. You need to teach kids and pets to stay away from window coverings to prevent accidents from occurring. But these days, window blinds are among your safest options when it comes to window treatments. They don’t usually have the long cords that used to make them dangerous anymore. This makes them every bit as safe for kids and pets as any other window coverings out there.

At Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments, we can help you bust all the myths you’ve heard about window blinds. We can show why they’re some of the best St. Petersburg, FL window coverings on the market today. Contact us now to begin shopping around for the right blinds for your home.

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