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4 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Window Shades When Remodeling

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Maybe you’re remodeling your home’s living room to make it more open and spacious. Maybe you’re remodeling your dining room to make it a little bit more formal. Or maybe you’re remodeling an unused bedroom and making it your new home office. Whatever the case may be, you should make it a point to upgrade your window shades in Palm Harbor, FL during the remodeling process. 


There are so many good reasons to update your old window shades by putting up new ones when you’re remodeling your home. Let’s take a look at four reasons why now would be the best time to give your window treatments a makeover. 

Your old window shades are likely outdated. 

If you’re remodeling a room that hasn’t been remodeled in awhile, there’s a good chance that the window shades you have up now are on the older side. They’ve likely gone out of style since you first had them installed and could use some updating. By putting new Palm Harbor, FL shades in their place, you’ll automatically give the entire space an updated look and feel. 


Your old window shades are going to have to come down anyway. 

You’re probably not going to be able to keep your window shades up when you’re remodeling a room. With all the dust and debris that will be flying through the air, it doesn’t make sense to keep them up and risk ruining them. But if you’re going to go through the trouble of taking them down, why not use it as an opportunity to put new shades back up later? You’ll already be halfway done the job once your old shades are taken down. 


Your old window shades won’t match the new look of your remodeled room. 

You’re carefully mapping out every detail in your remodeled room. From the flooring to the paint on the walls, you have it all planned out. Since just about everything is going to be changing, your old window shades likely won’t match the new look that you’re giving your remodeled room. They’re going to look out of place and could very well clash with other design elements. 


Your new window shades will make your remodeled room look complete. 

You might not realize it, but your home’s window shades really help tie each room together. If they don’t look right, the rest of a room won’t look right, either. By putting up new window shades in your remodeled room, you’ll make your room look complete and tie together whatever aesthetic you’re going for. Your room won’t look finished until you hang new shades up. 


Would you like to install window shades or other Palm Harbor, FL window treatments in a remodeled room in your home? Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments can come in and take measurements for you before helping you choose the window treatments that would be right for your new space. Contact us at (813) 613-2327 today to set up a free in-home estimate or visit 4910 W Knollwood St., Tampa, FL 33634 for more details on our window shades. 

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