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4 Ways to Make Window Shutters Work in a More Modern Home

custom exterior window shutters in Tampa, FL

Generally speaking, most people have nothing but great things to say about window shutters in Tampa, FL. They love them because they make homes more energy efficient. They also love them because they do an excellent job when it comes to making homes more private and secure. They even love them because they usually increase the value of homes and make them easier to sell.

There is one complaint that people sometimes have when it comes to window shutters, though. They don’t always love the way that they look when they’re placed in homes with a more modern style inside. Shutters tend to look their best when they’re placed into a more traditional setting. There are, however, some easy ways to make window shutters work well in modern homes. Take a look at some of the ways you can do it below.

Choose the right color when shopping for window shutters.

When you’re searching for Tampa, FL shutters for a modern home, you should be very mindful about which color shutters you choose. Ideally, you should try to find a bright white or possibly even a gray color to match your modern design. This will often work better than a light or dark brown color.

Look for window shutters that don’t have a visible tilt rod.

Most window shutters have a tilt rod running right down the middle of them that people can use to open and close the shutters. This tilt rod is obviously very functional, but it can also give window shutters a traditional look and feel. If possible, try to track down window shutters that have a hidden tilt rod. It’ll give your shutters a much cleaner look and make them look right at home in a modern house.

Select window shutters made out of something other than wood.

Wood window shutters will add a warmth to any home, no matter what style it might be. But shutters made out of wood might also clash with the modern design of a home. You’re better off looking for shutters that consist of a different type of material. Something like PVC shutters, especially white PVC shutters, might be a nice touch for your modern home.

Pick and choose where to install window shutters in a modern home.

There are some homeowners who choose to install window shutters on every single window in their homes when they put new shutters into place. You can do this if you want, but you can also pick and choose which windows you’re going to put shutters on. By only choosing a few windows for shutters, you can keep the modern look of your home intact while getting shutters in certain areas of your home.

The truth is that there are shutters that will look great in any style home. Let Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments show you some of your options. We can also show you Tampa, FL blinds and shades that might work well in your modern home. Reach out to us at (813) 613-2327 or stop by and see us at 4910 W Knollwood St, Tampa, FL 33634 for additional information about the window coverings in our inventory.

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