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5 Tips for Choosing White Shutters in Lakeland, FL

5 Tips for Choosing White Shutters in Lakeland, FL

If you have ever searched for white shutters you know there is a huge selection of styles. And choosing the right white shutters in Lakeland, FL for your home can be challenging. How do you get a product that is exactly right for your home? Well, here are five tips we hope will help you out.

1. Save Hassle with Made-to-Measure Shutters

You might be tempted to get DIY shutters in an effort to save money. And though they may be cheaper initially, these products do not last as long and do not produce the same results as made-to-measure windows. With higher quality shutters a design specialist visits the home and measures the windows or sliding doors. They walk away with an exhausting list of measurements so you can get shutters specifically designed for your home that will fit perfectly. These take into consideration how much clearance the windows need to operate, imperfections in window shape, and the clearance needed to open and close the shutters. With these products, you get a much better guarantee.

2. Find the Right White

Have you ever shopped for interior paint and been overwhelmed by the options there are for white? How different can they all be? Well, the truth is these colors are markedly different. And the same can be said about the options for white shutters. There is no one size fits all color of white that works in every home. And you will appreciate being able to choose from a range of shades and tones. You might decide a pure white or a dove white is a better fit than a bright white in your home.

3. Match or Contrast with Window Frames

Most windows have white or light, neutral colors for their windows frames. But some homes have black window frames. So what do you do? Do you have to get black shutters to go with black frames? You can. But another option is to contrast your black window frames with white window shutters. This will create a striking view from the outside and will make the home look more vibrant.

4. Decide on the Height

Did you know that shutters come in different heights as well? Most people choose full-height window shutters that cover the entire expanse of glass on their windows. But that isn’t the only option you have. Tier-on-tier shutters look just like full-height shutters when closed, but the upper and lower section are separated. So you can open just the top or just the bottom, offering more flexibility than single panels. And café style window shutters only cover the lower half of windows, so plenty of light can filter in while you still maintain privacy.

5. Use White Shutters Elsewhere

Shutters don’t have to be exclusively for windows. There are a few other things you can use shutters for on your property. They can work as elegant room dividers, the doors on wardrobes and cupboards, or even to cover sliding patio doors.

Interested in shopping for white shutters in Lakeland, FL? Contact our design experts about an in-home consultation today.

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