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5 Tips for Hanging the Right Draperies for Any Room

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So you decided to give one of the rooms in your home a makeover, huh? You put in new carpeting, bought new furniture and even painted the walls to change the way the room looks. But there’s still one thing that needs to be done the draperies need to be hung.

This can actually be one of the toughest parts of the process since many people aren’t familiar with picking out or hanging drapery. If you need help doing it, here are 5 tips that should make it go much smoother.

Choose the right color draperies for your room.

When you go to buy draperies in Apollo Beach, FL, you will be able to buy just about any color you want. It’s a good idea to have your draperies complement the carpeting, paint, and furniture in your room. This means you shouldn’t pick out draperies until you have everything else installed in the room or at least until you have everything else picked out. You don’t want your drapes to stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, you want them to subtly blend in with everything else.

Consider which fabric would be best for your room.

In addition to considering the color of your draperies in Apollo Beach, FL, you should also consider the fabric used to make them. Lighter fabrics will keep your room feeling airy and allow a lot of natural light to come in, while heavier ones will promote privacy and keep a formal look. You should think hard about which fabric type will give the look you’re going after.

Measure your windows accurately before purchasing draperies.

This might see obvious, but there are some people who will pick up that they hope will fit rather than measuring their windows first. When you take accurate measurements, you can ensure your draperies will fit your windows perfectly. In most cases, you want them to be long enough to reach the floor when. You also want them to be wide enough to completely cover your windows when they’re closed without being stretched too tight.

Hang rods for your draperies high and wide.

Far too often, people will hang the rods for their draperies at the exact height and width of their window frame. This will make your windows look smaller, and it’ll also prevent you from fully opening your draperies without covering part of your windows. You should try your best to hang your drapes slightly higher and wider than your windows. It’ll make them look larger and give your window treatments in Apollo Beach, FL room to breathe.

Make sure your draperies are hung at the same height and width on all windows.

If you have more than one window in a room that needs draperies, you should make sure all of your rods are positioned in the same place on each window. Otherwise, your window treatments will look off. You should create a template that will allow you to figure out where to hang your rods on each window so that everything stays uniform.

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