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8 Reasons to Install Window Shutters in Lakeland, FL

8 Reasons to Install Window Shutters in Lakeland, FL

When it comes to choosing window treatments, window shutters in Lakeland, FL are not usually the first product to come to mind. Curtains and blinds are much more popular because they are readily available and come in a number of designs, materials, and styles. But window shutters should not be counted out. They are an elegant classic with practical and aesthetic benefits, including:

1. Increase Energy Efficiency

Window shutters add an extra layer of efficiency to the home. These solid materials help block heat transfer both in and out of the home. The rooms stay more comfortable with less reliance on the HVAC system. The extra level of insulation can really impact heating and cooling costs.

2. Add Style & Elegance

The window shutters look good. They have a classic beauty that complements almost any type of home and home décor. From traditional to modern, shutters are a great addition and can help improve aesthetics both inside and out.

3. Choose the Best Material

While not as versatile as drapes, window shutters do come in a range of materials from vinyl to faux wood, to natural wood. They also come in a variety of colors and treatments so you can find the exact type of shutter that is the best match for your home.

4. Full Control Over Light & Privacy

One of the main reasons why homeowners choose to install window shutters is for the control over daylight and privacy. The louvers tilt up and down to either expose or obstruct the window opening. And some shutters even allow you to open the top or the bottom slats for even more versatility.

5. Perfect for Custom Window Shapes

Does your home feature shape windows in custom designs? That can make things tricky when shopping for window treatments. Something you might not realize is that you can customize window shutters and you can get them in almost any size and shape. They are the ideal option if you are shopping for unique shapes and designs.

6. Protection from UV Rays

The slats on shutters are both UV resistant and block UV light. This means they can help protect the fabrics and furnishings inside your home. It also means they will not warp, rot, fade, or yellow from exposure to the sun. The key is proper maintenance to keep these window treatments looking fresh and lasting as long as possible.

7. Safe for Pets & Kids

With window shutters, there are no dangerous strings and chords that could wrap around pets or small children. Window shutters use slats and tilt-rods to shift the louvers and these are much safer for pets and kids. They are also way more durable and can hold up better against curious little fingers and paws.

8. Add Value to the Home

Because window shutters are a permanent installation, they can actually add significant value to the home. So if you are looking to sell, upgrading some of your window treatments to shutters will get you a great return on your investment.

Interested in finding out more about window shutters in Lakeland, FL? Our shutters are locally manufactured so you can get the best products, right here, with a shorter lead time. Call us now for a hassle-free consultation.

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