How Cellular Window Shades Could Make Your Home Energy Efficient

How Cellular Window Shades Could Make Your Home Energy Efficient

3 Benefits of Installing Islander Express Window Shutters

Need new window shutters for your home or business? Islander Express window shutters are affordable, come in a range of different colors, and can be installed right away.

4 Advantages of Installing Faux Wood Window Blinds on Your Windows

Many homeowners are choosing faux wood window blinds over real wood blinds. They like the price of them, the fact that they’re so lightweight, and their overall style and durability.

Cellular Window Shades Vs. Roller Shades: Which Option Is Better?

Cellular window shades and roller shades are both great options for homeowners. Cellular shades can be used to match any color scheme in a home, while rollers shades are ideal for larger windows.

Why Vinyl Window Shutters Might Be Better for You Than Wood Ones

Are you installing new shutters in your home? Vinyl shutters will cost less than wood ones and will prove to be every bit as durable as them. They’ll also be easier to maintain over the years.

4 Simple Ways to Make Sure the Window Blinds in Your Home Are Safe

The cords attached to your window blinds could be making your home unsafe. You can prevent an accident by cutting the cords, telling your kids not to play with them, or replacing blinds altogether.

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Shades in your Clearwater, FL Home

Have you had the same window shades sitting in your windows for years now? If so, you might be thinking about purchasing new ones. It’s a great way to spruce up the look of your home and prevent the sun from shining directly into it. Not completely convinced that you really need new window shades at the moment? We at Nature Coast Shutters are here to help you make the best decision…

Big Mistakes People Make When Buying Window Blinds in Tampa, FL

Are you currently on the hunt for new window blinds in Tampa, FL? As you’re about to find out, there are more than enough options available. You can pick whichever blinds you like best when looking around for new ones. But there are some common mistakes people make when purchasing window blinds. At Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments, we can help you find the best blinds for…

Should I Repair or Replace the Shutters in my St. Petersburg, FL Home?

Do you have broken shutters in your St. Petersburg home?  If so, you might be thinking about whether or not you should replace them.

On one hand, you might be able to save yourself a little bit of money by repairing your shutters rather than replacing them altogether. Or, you might just love the idea of installing…

How to Make Your Lakeland, FL Home Private With Window Coverings

Do you want to make your home more private than it is today? You can do it by adding window coverings over your home’s windows. It will prevent your nosy neighbors from looking into your home when you’re going about your business.

Before you start shopping around for window coverings in Lakeland, FL, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These can…