How Long Will It Take to Have Window Shutters Installed?

If you’re only going to have a few window shutters installed in your home, it shouldn’t take long at all for an installer to do it. But installing a whole house full of them could take a few days.

Is It Better to Close Your Home’s Window Blinds Up or Down?

When you have new window blinds in your home, you can choose to close them facing up or down. Learn more about the best way to face them based on the circumstances.

4 Signs That a Window Covering Company Isn’t Right for You

It won’t be too difficult for you to find a window covering company to provide you with window shutters, blinds, or shades. But you shouldn’t trust just any business to do it.

How to Find a Company to Install Window Shades in Your Home

Planning on installing new window shades in your home sometime soon? Before you do, make sure you find the right window treatment company to put your shades into place for you.

Tips for Talking to Kids About Being Careful With Window Shutters

After you install new window shutters in your home, the last thing you want is for your kids to break them. Talk to them about how to be careful around the shutters at all times.

How to Recycle Old Window Blinds to Make Room for New Ones

Before you can install new window blinds in your home, you’ll need to clear out your old ones. Try to find a way to recycle them rather than throwing them out in the regular trash.

When Is the Best Time to Buy New Window Coverings for Your Home?

Putting up a window covering on every window in your home is important. If you’re in the market for window coverings right now, here is the best time to buy them.

4 Reasons Why Window Shades Will Work Well in Most Kitchens

There are several different types of window treatments that might work well in your home. But one of your best options will be window shades that will let natural light enter and be easy to operate.

How Window Shutters Can Make You Feel Safer in Your Home

Do you want to make your home feel even more secure than it already is? You can do it by putting window shutters into place and keeping them closed so that intruders can’t break in easily

4 Ways Window Blinds Will Help Increase Your AC’s Lifespan

By installing window blinds in your home, you can prevent the sun from shining into it all day long. You can also stop warm air from working its way through your windows and into your home.