4 Tips for Choosing the Right Company to Provide Window Blinds

Looking for a company that can provide you with excellent window blinds at a great price? Search for a company that has lots of experience, a large product line, and free in-home estimates.

How Window Shades Could Extend the Life of Your Home’s AC Unit

Did you know your home’s window shades could protect your air conditioning unit? The shades will prevent heat from entering your home and stop your AC from turning on and off all the time.

4 Rooms Where You Should Consider Installing Window Shutters

Window shutters will look great in any room in your home. But they’ll really enhance the look of your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. They’ll also serve as a safe option for a child’s bedroom.

3 Ways to Prevent “Light Gaps” From Affecting Your Window Blinds

Gaps between your window blinds and window frames can allow light to enter your home when you don’t want it to. Avoid this by measuring your windows and installing new blinds properly.

Why Buying Window Shades From a Big-Box Store Is a Bad Idea

Thinking about buying window shades from a big-box store? They won’t be anything like the high-quality shades you can purchase from window treatment specialists. Reconsider your decision to do it.

Can I Customize Window Shutters to Fit Any Window in My Home?

If you have a window with an arch in it or a window with a bunch of different angles in it, you should consider covering it up with custom window blinds that will fit the window perfectly.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Wood Window Blinds Clean

Caring for wood window blinds is important. You need to dust them on a weekly basis, apply polish to them from time to time, and avoid accidentally spraying them with window glass cleaner.

How Cellular Window Shades Could Make Your Home Energy Efficient

How Cellular Window Shades Could Make Your Home Energy Efficient

3 Benefits of Installing Islander Express Window Shutters

Need new window shutters for your home or business? Islander Express window shutters are affordable, come in a range of different colors, and can be installed right away.

4 Advantages of Installing Faux Wood Window Blinds on Your Windows

Many homeowners are choosing faux wood window blinds over real wood blinds. They like the price of them, the fact that they’re so lightweight, and their overall style and durability.