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Benefits of Installing Window Shutters

Benefits of Installing Window Shutters 

Dressing up your home with new window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL not only enhances the beauty and design of your home but provides many additional benefits as well. With their functional design, shutters can increase privacy, add more home security, increase your home’s property value, and save you money on utilities each month. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why these windows treatments are such a great choice!

Let’s dive a little deeper into the qualities and see how shutters can be benefit you and your family.

Provides More Privacy

While curtains can offer adequate privacy, shutters offer complete privacy. With curtains there is often a gap either between the curtains once they are closed, or a gap may be present around the edge of the window. This gap allows people to see in; especially at night when it’s brighter inside than it is outside.

Since shutters fit securely and cover the entire window, when closed, they offer your family complete privacy. Simply close them any time day or night and know you and your family are safe from prying eyes.

Adds Security

The windows of your home are one of the most common places for burglars to use as an entry point. This is because they offer the intruder an easy solution of getting in quickly since they are normally weak and can be broken easily.

Shutters are not as easy to get through since they can be locked and they are adding and additional layer the intruder would need to get through. This added step will deter most unwanted visitors from entering your home as they would prefer an easier target.

Increases Property Value

Adding shutters to your windows can be a wise investment as they add property value to your home. If you are considering putting your house on the market, shutters are a great selling point. New buyers that walk into a home with beautifully installed shutters tend to think of the space as more high end. Also, since many homes do not have shutters, your home will stand apart from the rest.

Save Money on Heating/Cooling

With shutters offering an extra barrier between you and the outside air, less hot or cold air will make it into your home. This helps your thermostat unit hold the inside temperature it is set to keeping you more comfortable. In addition, this allows the unit to run more efficiently (and less often) which cuts down on your electric bill each month.

Shutters are not only a classy design element that adds beauty to your home. These window treatments come with a long list of additional benefits. And with so many designs and materials to choose from, selecting the right ones for your home is easy.

When you are ready to install your window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL., make sure to call the professionals at Nature Coast Shutters and Window Treatments. Talk to their expert staff about your window needs and schedule a free in-home estimate to see how you can add beauty, safety, privacy and more to your home today.

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