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Best Window Treatments for a Baby Room

Best Window Treatments for a Baby Room

When it comes to a baby’s rest, parents of infants should never compromise. Because if we are being honest, if the baby in the house rests well, then it is far more likely that momma rests well too. And most parents will do anything to ensure their baby gets the best rest possible. This includes choosing the right window treatments or window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL for the baby’s room. Here are some options to consider for blocking heat, light, and sound while also considering the baby’s safety.


Blinds are a standard in many homes for good reason. These versatile window coverings allow you to control light, provide ventilation, and take full advantage of the view. We offer both faux wood and wood blinds. And both are exceptionally good at blocking light and insulating the temperatures inside the room. And these products are guaranteed to hold their shape and not war, even in temperatures up to 148 degrees. There are several styles and colors to choose from. And the darker materials will work to help block more light for sleeping infants and parents alike.

Cellular Shades

Babies cannot regulate their own temperature for the first few months of life. This means you need their room to be warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Insulating with cellular shades is a great way to help regulate the temperature inside their room. The unique design will trap the heat and the cold against the windows. And because we offer the most exciting color program in custom window treatments, you don’t have to compromise on the color of your shades.

Roller Shades

It is hard to deny the simple elegance of roller shades. And with the very latest in window shade innovation and design, you can choose from over 800 different colors and textures. Do you need to cover larger windows or even patio doors? That isn’t a problem. There are a few different systems to choose from. And getting the right window coverings in every room will allow you and your baby to nap in any area of the house. And with the smooth and quiet operation, you won’t disturb your sleeping baby should you need to adjust the shades.

Window Shutters

Looking for something safe, elegant, and that blocks more natural light? It is hard to beat the classic lines and designs of window shutters. If you need shutters fast, we provide an express option for rectangular-shaped windows. These come in three popular colors, are easy to manufacture, and are even easier to install. Want something with an added level of class and beauty? You might consider the faux wood or natural wood options.

There are so many ways to cover the windows in your baby’s room. Need help deciding? Contact us today for a design consultation for window treatments or window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL.

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