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Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Finding the right window treatments can be a tall order literally. Especially, if you are dealing with large windows. Having big windows is great if you want a lot of light and ventilation. It is also a great way to connect with the outdoors. But finding the best window treatments can be tough. There are so many things to consider when shopping to cover large windows. Do you want blinds or shades or would you prefer to upgrade to St. Petersburg shutters? Here are some of the best window treatments for large windows.

1. Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters have been around for years and these installations are classic for a reason. First, they make an aesthetic statement. Nothing can compare to the elegance and timelessness of wood shutters. They are a permanent installation and can be custom-made to fit the size and shape of your windows. Looking for an added layer of insulation to help reduce your energy bill? These will not only block the sun but also insulate against solar heat gains. Want to enjoy the view and capitalize on natural light? You can easily fold them out of the way.

2. Islander Series Shutters

These quality shutters are made from solid extruded PVC which is a unique and affordable alternative to wood. This creates a more durable surface with no blemishes. They are a versatile solution and can be crafted into nearly any shape and size to fit any type of window. Even the most demanding arches and angles can be covered by these shutters. So if you have a custom wall of windows with arches or triangle windows, you might think about getting these customizable shutters.

3. Cellular Shades

Large windows are known to generate a lot of heat. Especially older windows. If you can’t afford to upgrade and replace your windows just yet, you might be looking for an alternative solution to reduce solar heat gains. Cellular shades are a popular option. The design of these shades is such that hot air gets trapped by the window and does not leech into the room. This will make rooms with large windows more comfortable and there will be less need for heating and air conditioning. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you are sure to get a product that matches your tastes.

4. Custom Roller Shades

Looking for a more modern take on window coverings? Then roller shades will be your window treatment of choice. These simple roll-down shades feature sheer panels that help diffuse the light and allow you to maintain privacy in your home. Want them out of the way? They roll up into a neat box above the window no muss, no fuss. They are clean, and elegant, and do the job of covering floor-to-ceiling windows without taking up any extra space.

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