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Can I Customize Window Shutters to Fit Any Window in My Home?

Are you looking for the perfect window treatment for a large window with an arch in it? Or are you having trouble finding the right window treatment for a window with a bunch of angles in it? If so, you should consider installing St. Petersburg, FL window shutters in your home. Specifically, the Atlantic Wood Series shutters would work well for a window that needs a custom window treatment.

If you would like to install these shutters in your home, there is a process that you will need to follow to ensure that the shutters fit when they go in. Here is a quick rundown of how you can obtain shutters that are crafted to fit any size or shape window.

First, you’ll take part in a free in-home estimate for your window shutters.

The first thing you’ll do when ordering new window treatments in St. Petersburg, FL is welcome a window treatment installer into your home for a free in-home estimate. During the estimate, the installer will show you different window shutters available to you, like the Atlantic Wood Series shutters. You’ll get to hear about how much the different shutters will cost based on the number of windows you want to put them on.

Then, you’ll pick out the window shutters you want for your home.

After you’ve received estimates during your in-home consultation, you will need to select the window blinds you like best for your home. You’ll have the option of either picking the blinds you like on the spot or contacting the window treatment installer at a later date to let them know about your decision. Either way, your installer will take measurements of your windows once you’ve made a decision so that your custom blinds can be created.

Next, your window shutters will be customized and manufactured to fit your windows.

Once you’ve chosen the right window blinds for your home, your installer will place your order. Your blinds will be customized and manufactured to fit your specific windows. This part of the process can take a few weeks in some cases, depending on how many blinds you’ve ordered.

Last, your window shutters will be installed to ensure a proper fit.

At the end of the process, your finished window blinds will be brought to your home so that they can be installed. You should always have an experienced installer put your blinds up so that they fit and are fully functional by the time the installer leaves. If everything has gone according to plan, you will be left with blinds that fit the windows in your home perfectly. You can customize blinds to fit just about any window, no matter how big or small it might be or how many different angles it has in it.

If you need help installing custom blinds in St. Petersburg, FL in your home, Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments can walk you through the entire process. We have helped countless homeowners with custom window treatments in the past and can help you cover any window. Reach out to us at (813) 613-2327 or come check out the window treatments we have in stock at 4910 W Knollwood St Tampa, FL 33634.

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