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Can I Hang Curtains With My Window Shutters?

Can I Hang Curtains With My Window Shutters?

While window shutters add a wonderful design element to your window and provide plenty of privacy and ways to allow light in (or keep it out), you may be wondering if it is possible to add curtains with window shutters. The short answer is yes. However, with that being said, there are some specific things you will need to be aware of so that your Lakeland shutters can still function easily.

Why Add Additional Window Covering?

As mentioned, your window shutters will provide ample privacy and ways to let light in and keep it out all while making your windows look beautiful. Because of this, additional window coverings are not a necessity but more of a decorative element. Some people choose to hang curtains to soften up the lines of the window. Others want to add additional color or such with a certain fabric choice of the curtains.

What Type of Curtains Should I Use?

If you are wanting to hang additional window coverings with your shutters, make sure you are choosing panel curtains rather than roller shades or blinds as that won’t allow you to open or close the shutter slats easily. With panel curtains, you will simply slide them to the side to have them out of the way so you can access the shutters easily.

How Do I Hang the Curtains?

With hanging panel curtains, you will need a curtain rod. This curtain rod needs to be long enough so that the curtains can be pushed all the way to the sides and allow the shutter panels to swing open.

Most interior designers agree that it is best to mount the curtain rod well above the top of the window and close to the ceiling. Mounting the curtain rod high like this gives the illusion that your window is larger than it is. It also draws your eye upwards making the room itself appear bigger.

Add Tiebacks

Once you have your curtains hung up, if you would like to add a more formal, traditional look, you could opt to use tiebacks. Tiebacks gather the curtains and keep them to the side. The wonderful thing about tiebacks is that there is such a variety you can find just the right ones for your design style.

Can I Hang a Valance?

If you are wanting to add just a touch of fabric to your window shutters, you might be thinking about adding a valance. While this can be done, it is not recommended as it will typically interfere with the opening and closing of the shutters.

Final Thoughts

While your Lakeland shutters are more than enough coverings to have on your windows, you may wish to add additional decorative elements such as curtains or a valance. With a valance not being a good choice since it will interfere with the function of the shutters, choosing curtains is your best bet as they can work wonderfully with shutters. Adding hanging panel curtains in a color or pattern that compliments your space can truly enhance the beauty or the shutters and the room.

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