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Consider These Factors When Choosing Your Interior Window Shutter Color

Consider These Factors When Choosing Your Interior Window Shutter Color

Window shutters are becoming an increasing popular window treatment for many homeowners in Florida. Not only do these window treatments add a touch of style, but they can also aid is providing the home with more privacy, security, help with noise reduction, and even increase the value of the home. To make the most from window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL. homeowners should not only consider what style and material to choose, but which color as well. If you are considering window shutters for your home, keep these things in mind to ensure you choose the best color.

Think About the Outside

If you want a truly coordinated look to your home, consider choosing a color of interior shutters that coordinates with your home’s exterior color palette as well. Things like your home’s trim, brick or stone color, and even its roof color can all play a part in the color of window shutter you choose. Although you certainly do not have to consider the outside of your home, many homeowners may choose to do so to bring an overall unified look to the home when the shutters are closed and visible from the outside.

Consider the Design Aesthetic

Different design aesthetics call for different shutter colors and finishes. For example, if you would like to create a room that feels open, fresh, natural and organic, then crisp, white shutters may be a perfect choice. If you are going for a more modern or upscale vibe, black shutters can be a good choice. A warm, cozy, earthy room could benefit from having natural wood shutters. When you are working with your window shutter professional, make sure you let them know what type of look and feel your are wanting to create and they can help you select the best choice.

Resell Value

If you are living in your forever home, then you may not wish to consider the resell value, however, if you see yourself moving anytime in the near future, this is something you may want to take into consideration. Unlike other window treatments such as curtains, window shutters are considered pert of the home as they remain as permanent fixtures when you sell your home. Because of this, if you plan on selling, you may wish to choose a more neutral color of shutters that would appeal to a large array of homeowners. You may love your wood shutters that you have painted bright red, but many new home buyers may not.

Final Thoughts

It’s no wonder why window shutters are becoming so much more popular than other window treatments as they provide so many more benefits that other choices such as curtains. And even though design trends change, we don’t see this one changing anytime soon.

If you would like more information about window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL. and how they can add not only beauty but also value to your home, give us a call us toll free anytime and let our window professionals provide you with a free estimate.

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