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Elevate Your Bathroom With Window Shutters

Elevate Your Bathroom With Window Shutters 

A rising trend that providers of window shutters in Lakeland, FL. are seeing is homeowners making over their bathrooms into spa-like spaces. Maybe it’s due to the past few years of dealing with the pandemic or maybe it’s because we are spending more time at home. Whatever the reason, more and more homeowners are transforming their old bathrooms into serene, peaceful, retreat-like spaces.

While you may think of items such as claw-foot tubs or rain showers when you imagine a spa, you may not think of window shutters. However, adding shutters in your bathroom can provide many benefits that are conducive for a spa-like experience. Some of these benefits include:

  • Privacy Shutters that cover the whole window can provide complete privacy. Since shutters close flush and tight, there are no gaps like you might find with blinds or curtains. This allows no holes or areas where people outside can see in.
  • Security– With shutters being more secure from break-ins than a window by itself, you will be able to relax and rest easy knowing you are safe.
  • Noise- reductionShutters can add more installation between you and your noisy neighbors or busy street that runs by your house. Simply shut the shutters to muffle the noise.
  • Beauty Shutters add beauty to any room. They are looked upon as an element of luxury and style. Adding shutters will instantly elevate your bathroom into a more spa-like space.

When choosing shutters for your bathroom windows, there are some things to take into condensation. Some of these are:

  • The material of the shutter– With bathrooms being a humid and damp environment, not all materials of shutters are a good idea. For example, wood shutters would not be appropriate as the dampness can cause the wood to crack, warp, or fade over time. To make sure your shutters last, a more durable material like vinyl would be a better choice.
  • What style of shutter The style of the shutter you choose can depend on how big or small your window is, the location of the window, as well as how much privacy and light you would like.
    • For example, you could choose café style shutters where the shutters are on the bottom half of the window leaving the top half open. This is a nice option if it is a tall window where people cannot see inside the top half as this allows light to come in even with the shutters closed on the bottom half. This is also a good option for second story bathrooms
    • If you would like more privacy, opt for a full-height shutter. These shutters cover the entire window for complete privacy.
  • Color– If you are wanting to create a spa-like space, opt for a white or other neutral color of shutter. Having a basic, neutral color will help keep the space looking fresh, clean, and peaceful.

In Conclusion

With all the benefits shutters can provide to your bathroom space, it’s easy to see why more and more homeowners are opting for bathroom shutters. If you are wanting to elevate your bathroom into a serene, stress-free space, just keep a few things in mind when you are selecting your bathroom window shutters in Lakeland, FL., and you will have a space you can’t wait to relax in.

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