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How to Clean Your Wood Shutters

How to Clean Your Wood Shutters

Have you just had real wood windows shutters installed in your home? Are you loving the look and functionality of them? Do you want to know how to keep them looking and operating like new as long as you own them? Wood shutters are a beautiful and timeless addition to any home, but over time they can get dirty. Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean your wood shutters shared by providers of St. Petersburg shutters.

1. Start by Preparing the Necessary Wood Cleaning Supplies

Before you begin cleaning your wood shutters, it is important to gather the necessary wood cleaning supplies. This will help to make the process go more smoothly and prevent any damage to your shutters. For wood shutters, you will need mild soap, a soft cloth, and a clean, dry towel. You may also want to use gloves to protect your hands from the cleanser, a bucket, and a small brush or toothbrush to reach small crevices. Once you have gathered all your supplies, you are ready to begin cleaning your wood shutters.

2. Dusting Your Shutters with a Soft Cloth.


You should always try to keep dust at bay whenever you have the time. If you want your wood shutters always to look new, try to make sure they are free of dust. Depending on your household, you may need to dust anywhere from once a week to a couple of times a week (or more).

Keeping the shutters free of dust on a regular basis helps the dust to not build up making it more of an issue to remove later down the line. If you have a lot of windows, one tip is to clean them on a rotating basis, so you don’t have to clean them all in one day. Maybe do a few rooms on one side of the house one day, and the rest on another.

 3. Mix a Solution of Warm Water and Dish Soap or Mild Detergent in a bucket.

You can use a mild detergent mixed with water to clean the wood shutters. Be sure to test the detergent on an inconspicuous area of the shutter first to make sure it doesn’t damage the finish.


4. Dip a Soft Cloth into the Solution and Wipe Down the Wood Shutters.

Dip a soft cloth into the solution and wipe down the Wooden Shutters, taking care to remove any dirt or grime build-up. For tougher stains, you may need to scrub a little harder, but be careful not to damage the wood.

5. Rinse the Shutters with Clean Water and Dry with a Soft Cloth.

Now, this may seem a rigorous task, but wooden window shutters require a bit of maintenance to keep them looking their best. One important task is to regularly rinse the shutters with clean water. This will help remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated on the surface. Be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the wood. Once you’ve rinsed the shutters, be sure to dry them completely. Otherwise, they may develop water spots or streaks.



6. If You see Any Spots or Stains, apply a Small Amount of Wood Cleaner to a Soft Cloth and Polish the Shutter until it is Clean.

If you see any spots or stains, apply a small amount of wood cleaner to a soft cloth and polish the shutter until it is clean. Wood shutters require a bit of extra care to keep them looking their best.


7. Check the Hardware and Make Sure that All of the Screws are Tight.

One of the most important aspects of shutter care is making sure that all of the hardware is in good working order. That means regularly checking the screws and making sure that they’re all tight. Loose screws can cause the shutter to sag or even fall off completely. In addition, loose hardware can make it difficult to open and close the shutters, which can be a nuisance if you need to use them on a regular basis.

Tips on Dusting Your Wooden Shutters

Dusting shutters can be time-consuming since you really want to make sure you get each slat adequately cleaned. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help make this process easier (and faster!).

One such tip is to use a specialized tool such as a dusting mitt. These mitts will fit most hands and make dusting easy since you just rub your hand over the areas you want to dust.

To help you keep the dust at a minimum in between dustings, you can use a laundry dryer sheet. Simply take the sheet and rub it on both sides of each slat. The anti-cling action of the dryer sheet will help repeal the dust helping you dust less often.


Tips When Performing a Deep Clean

Dusting your wood shutters regularly is great for keeping them fresh and resistant to dirt build-up. However, no matter how often you dust, it is a good idea to schedule a deep cleaning of your blinds. Like dusting, how often you need to deep clean depends on your household and family.

To deep clean, your wood blinds, spray a soft microfiber cloth or duster with furniture polish and wipe down the slats. For stubborn or harder-to-reach stains or build-up, you can use a toothbrush. To make sure all debris is gone, using a vacuum attachment, vacuum the shutters making sure to get in all cracks and crevasses.

It is important to note that you should not use water to clean your wood window shutters as this can damage the wood over time. Also, some wood cleaning polish is better than others, so make sure you choose one safe for wood shutters. If you have any concerns at all, simply reach out to the shutter installer as they should be able to direct you to a safe cleaner to use.

If you would like to talk about installing wood St. Petersburg shutters in your home, give us a call or come by anytime and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help select the perfect shutters for your Florida home.

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