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How to Make Your Home Feel a Lot Brighter With Window Shades

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Do you want to make a specific part of your home a lot lighter and brighter than it currently is? Then you might not think that putting up window shades in Land O Lakes, FL is a very good idea. After all, aren’t window shades the window treatments you use when you want to provide shade to your home? They don’t sound like they’re going to do much to brighten it up. 

In reality, though, you can make your home feel significantly brighter and more airy by picking out the right window shades for it. You just need to make sure that you choose shades that are designed to draw more light into your home when you want it. Here are several ways to make your home feel brighter with new window shades. 


Choose window shades that are either white or another light color. 

If your goal is to make your home feel brighter with your new Land O Lakes, FL shades, your first order of business should be selecting shades that are either bright white or, at the very least, another light color. When the sun shines down on these kinds of shades, it won’t be able to get through them. But it will light them up and allow them to bring a muted light into your home. The shades will look brighter themselves in the daylight, which will make any room in your home feel a lot lighter than it would be otherwise. 

Make sure your window shades are easy to open and close. 

In addition to picking out window shades that are either white or another light color, you should also look for shades that are easy to control. You ideally want shades that you can open and close quickly whenever you want to allow light to peek through your windows. The great thing about shades is that they’re just about all light as far as weight is concerned. This makes it simple for you to open them up at the drop of a hat to allow some light to shine into your home. 

Resist the urge to cover your window shades up with curtains or drapes. 

There are many homeowners who make the mistake of putting up window shades and then immediately covering them with curtains or drapes. If this is part of your design plan, you should feel free to do it. But you shouldn’t feel like you have to cover your shades up with curtains or drapes. Most window shades are made to stand alone and do just fine without another window treatment over top of them. 

There are, of course, plenty of window shades that you can put up in your home to darken the rooms in it if that’s your goal. But Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments can also show you lots of Land O Lakes, FL window treatments that will brighten your home up if you have rooms that feel too dark. Give us a call at (813) 613-2327 today to arrange a free in-home estimate and see some of your potential options. You can also swing by 4910 W Knollwood St., Tampa, FL 33634 to gather more information on the window treatments in our inventory. 

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