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How to Pick Out Your Window Shutters Color

How to Pick Out Your Window Shutters Color

When choosing which shutters to have installed in your home, you will have several options of colors to choose from. With color playing such a big part in any design theme, making sure you select the right one for your space is an important decision. Learn tips to help choose the best color of your St. Petersburg shutters to compliment any space.

Keep it Neutral

If you are wanting to play it safe and go with a color that will stand the test of time, you can always choose a neutral color or one that blends in with your wall color a bit. This choice will have the shutters be more of a subtle element in the room rather than a big focal point.

This might also be a good choice if you are wanting to put your house on the market soon. While shutters are a big draw to potential buyers, they may not appreciate them as much in a more uncommon color.

All About Contrast

The opposite of having the shutters blend in is making them stand out. If you want to show off your beautiful shutters and make them pop, choose a color that contrasts the wall behind them. For example, if you have white or light walls, a black or navy shutter would get noticed.

This is also a nice option if you have a beautiful view out of your window that you would like to draw attention to. These shutters adding a pop of color would work almost as a picture frame framing the view.

Keep with a Design Theme

If you have a certain design theme or style that you like, choose shutters that keep with that idea. For example, if you love the bohemian look, you might opt for shutters that are the color of natural wood, bamboo, or other natural materials as that is a big part of the boho style.

Another example is if you are wanting to create a sleek, modern look, a nice matte black would look minimal and show off the clean lines of the shutters.

Keep it Bright

Having a goal of making your space feel bright, light, and open would be a great time to choose bright white shutters. These bright white shutters paired with items like a crisp white rug and a light-colored couch will make the room feel large and airy.


This idea is similar to keeping it neutral but with more contrast. Using an accent color that is classic and traditional can give the shutters a little pop, but nothing that is too bold or takes over the room. Choosing a color that matches the crown molding or flooring of the room could be a nice option here.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that your new St. Petersburg shutters are going to add a wonderful look to your space. Choosing the right color can take that look and just elevate to the next level. When choosing your color just think about the look you are going for in the room and you can’t go wrong.

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