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How Window Shades Could Extend the Life of Your Home’s AC Unit

The air conditioning unit that’s hooked up to your home probably cost you quite a bit of money. And it’s going to cost you even more money if you’re forced to replace it sooner than you should really have to. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that you can extend the life of your home’s AC unit when you pick out the right Tampa, FL window shades for your home. 

Cellular window shades, in particular, have proven to make homes significantly more energy efficient. They can reduce your monthly energy bills and make your home more comfortable in the process. As it turns out, they can also force your AC unit to work a lot less on an average day. Here is how your shades could ultimately allow your AC to last a lot longer than you might expect. 

Window shades close easily and allow you to keep the sun out of your home. 

One of the first things you’ll notice about cellular window shades is that they’re incredibly easy to open and close. If you want to let some sunlight shine into your home, you can simply push your shades in Tampa, FL up and invite the light to come in. But on especially hot days, you can also close them easily and prevent the sun from gaining access to your home. This will stop it from getting too hot in your home, which will limit the number of times your AC unit will need to turn on and off. 

They have cell pockets that will insulate your home effectively. 

In addition to going up and down with no problem at all, cellular window shades are also outfitted with special cell pockets that can control your home’s climate and keep it comfortable without forcing your AC to work overtime. The cell pockets draw air in and hold it there to form a barrier between the outside world and your house. Warm air from outside won’t be able to get into your home easily, even if you don’t have the best windows in the world. This will cut down on how often you need to use your AC when it’s hot out. 

They can be paired with curtains and other drapes to keep the sun and heat out of your home. 

Although cellular window shades will block out most light and heat and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your home, it never hurts to put curtains or other drapes in place for backup. Luckily, shades go nicely with curtains and drapes. Curtains or drapes will provide you home with another layer of protection and give your entire HVAC system a rest. That will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. 

If you’re tired of having your AC serviced due to overuse, try installing cellular shades in Tampa, FL to see what a big difference they can make. Your AC unit won’t come on nearly as much as it used to once they’re in place. Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments can provide you with shades and install them in your home. Reach out to us at (813) 613-2327 or come give our shades a look at 4910 W Knollwood St, Tampa, FL 33634. 

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