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How Window Shutters Compliment a Minimalist Design Theme

How Window Shutters Compliment a Minimalist Design Theme 

Window shutters are seen being used in all types of design styles including boho, eclectic, classic, and cottage-chic just to name a few. But what if you have a more modern or minimalistic style you are aiming for? Will shutters work for this style as well? The answer is yes! Providers of Lakeland shutters share these ways shutters work perfectly with a minimalistic design style.

What is Minimalistic Design Style?

If you are not familiar with minimalistic design, it is typically characterized by simple, clean lines as well as a simple color palette. It is focused on the idea that each item in the room needs to have a function or reason. Whether that reason is decorative or for utility, there needs to be a strong logic behind its presence. You won’t find a lot of random items in a minimalistic home.

It can be summed up by:

  • Bare essentials
  • Monochromatic color scheme
  • Clean, simple lines
  • Less is more

Let’s look how shutters can fit in these elements.

Bare Essentials

Window shutters are perfect for a bare essential design style. This is because shutters don’t have any extra frills. With the shutters being composed of only panels and slats, all the parts of the shutters have a purpose and there are no extras. For example, with certain blinds there may be a string attached. While this string provides function, it also adds another element making it appear less minimal.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

With shutters being available in many colors, you can find one that will compliment your minimalist color scheme. Neutrals are a nice option as they tend to blend with every deign pallet. Also, wood shutters can offer a nice organic feel to the room while staying neutral in color.

Clean, Simple Lines

Shutters are made from slats and panels, both of which have sleek, clean lines. Whether the panels or slats are opened, closed, or a combination of both, the lines created remain sleek and simple.

Less is More

Minimalistic design does not include clutter or using any extra space unnecessarily. Window shutters fit this requirement perfectly. Since shutters sit closely to the window, they take up as little space as possible. This is a much different look than curtains, for example, that might have fabric spilling outward or on the floor.

When Selecting Your Shutters

When you are shopping for shutters, you will see they come in several different styles. Some of these include:

  • Café Shutters– These shutters are only attached to the bottom half of a window leaving the top half open to allow maximum sunlight in.
  • Double-Hung These shutters have a section of top panels that work separately from the section of bottom panels.
  • Full-height Full height shutters cover the entire window and open at the bottom in accordion style. These are good for wider windows as you can add as many panels as needed.

To learn more about the different styles of Lakeland shutters and which ones might complement your space best, give us a call and let our friendly team of experts discuss your options.

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