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Should You Choose Faux Wood Shutters?


Should You Choose Faux Wood Shutters? 

Window Shutters in St. Petersburg, FL. are a great addition to any home. They add beauty, are energy efficient, and elevate the style of any room. While most rooms of your house don’t require special shutters, your kitchen and bathroom are different.  

These areas of your house often have changing temperatures and high humidity that could cause real wood shutters to warp over time. But no worries. If you want that wood look, a faux wood shutter makes a beautiful and functional option. 

What is Faux Wood? 

Faux means artificial or imitation. So, simply put, faux wood is imitation wood. It has the look of real wood but is produced from various materials. Typically these materials consist of a composite wood material or a PCV/vinyl material.  

The faux wood shutters are made up of slats just as real wood shutters. However, the difference is that while real wood shutters are made entirely of real woodfaux wood shutter slats may have little to no wood. 

Types of Faux Wood Shutters 

The faux wood slats may be made either of two ways, wood core or hollow coreWood core shutters have slats that contain a particle board-like wood pulp center and then surrounded by a high-tech polymer composite,  

Hollow core shutter slats are made like they sound, with a hollow coreThis can make this PVC/vinyl option less expensive, but that doesn’t mean they are less quality. The hollow core offers great insulation from the heat and cold while also making them very lightweight and easy to operate.  

Why Choose Faux Wood? 

As mentioned before, since faux wood is resistant to water and humidity, these shutters are the perfect choice for areas in your home like your kitchen and bathroom. However, faux wood shutters have many other benefits making them a great option for any room in your house.  

Waterproof  Since faux wood is waterproof, this makes it very easy to clean them. You don’t need any special cleaning supplies. Simply use warm soapy water and dry. 

Scratch- Resistant– If you have pets or children, faux wood shutters may be a great fit. Since they are naturally scratchresistant, you can feel comfortable having them in busy areas of your home knowing they will continue looking great for years to come. 

Less Likely to Fade– Faux wood shutters are much more likely to keep their color than some other shutters of other materials. This is great to know if you are installing them in a room with a lot of natural sunlight that may damage or fade other window treatments.  

Faux Wood Shutters are Durable With faux wood being constructed of composite material or PVC/vinyl, it is extremely durable.  

Final Thoughts 

Faux wood shutters are a perfect choice for your kitchen and bathroom where the temperature changes and the rooms produce humidity. However, with all the other benefits of faux wood shutters, they can make a great addition in any room of your house.  

When you are ready to install window Shutters in St. Petersburg, FL., call Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments and talk with them about all of your options. Their knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and see if faux wood shutters are right for you 

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