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Should You Invest in Lighter or Darker Colored Window Shutters?

Should You Invest in Lighter or Darker Colored Window Shutters? 

When you begin shopping around for window shutters in Lakeland, FL, one of the things you might be surprised about is how many different colors that they come in. When most people think about shutters, they tend to think about them being white. But you can find everything from bright white shutters to midnight black shutters when you’re on the hunt for them. This might cause you to question whether you should go with lighter or darker colored window shutters for your home. Unsure of which direction you should go in? Let’s take a look at which color might be best for you below.

The pros of lighter colored shutters

As we mentioned a few moments ago, most people think about Lakeland, FL shutters being on the lighter side when they picture them in their heads. That’s because they’re the most common shutters in American homes. Many people will go with white or maybe light tan shutters when they buy them. This gives them the most general appeal, which means they’ll work well when it comes to your home’s resale value. Lighter colored shutters will also make your home feel a lot brighter and more airy than it does now.

The cons of lighter colored shutters

While there are so many aspects of lighter colored shutters that should get you excited, there are also a few downsides to going with them over darker colored shutters. The biggest one is that lighter colored shades may need to be cleaned a little bit more often. Although they won’t show signs of dust all the time, they can get scuffed up if people aren’t careful around them. You might need to maintain them more regularly than you do darker colored shutters.

The pros of darker colored shutters

Lighter colored shutters will look great in your home, but they won’t always provide you with the benefits that darker colored ones do. Darker colored shutters will add a warmth to your home that you won’t always get with lighter colored ones. They’ll also make a room much darker when you have them closed. This makes them an ideal solution for, say, a theater room or any room that you want to keep dark and cool. They can also block out sunlight more effectively than lighter colored ones in many cases and improve your home’s energy efficiency in the process.

The cons of darker colored shutters

The one thing that you might not love about darker colored shutters is that they could very well make your home feel too dark if you install too many of them. Not everyone is going to like this. You’re also going to need to be prepared to do some light dusting at least every week or two when you have darker colored shutters since they will show dust more prominently than lighter colored ones. These are some things you should think about prior to purchasing darker colored shutters.

Do you want to see how lighter colored and darker colored shutters stack up against one another in person? Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments can let you check out a wide spectrum of colors that you can choose from when installing new window shutters. While we’re at it, we can also show you other types of Lakeland, FL window treatments if you would like. Reach out to us today to set up a consultation.

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