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Shutters in the Bathroom: The Perfect Choice

Shutters in the Bathroom: The Perfect Choice

Planning a bathroom remodel? Whether you are planning a total redo or just wanting to change a few elements to update the look, one element you have to add are window shutters. With window shutters in your Lakeland, FL., bathroom, you are able to instantly update and elevate your bathroom space. Let’s look at some additional reasons shutters make a perfect choice for bathroom window treatments.

Window Shutters Give Your Privacy

Let’s face it, if there’s one room in the house you want complete privacy from the outside, it’s definitely the bathroom. This is why shutters are perfect. The design of shutters allows them to close completely without and gaps or openings you might find with blinds or curtains. This allows you to have complete privacy from outside eyes.

Shutters Give You More Options

While you want your bathroom to have privacy from the outside, you also want a way for natural light to come in. With shutter designs, you have options for both. You can open the top slats of the shutters to allow the sun in while keeping the bottom slats closed for privacy. With some shutter designs, you may be able to open the entire shutter on its hinge to allow even more light to come in. Shutters offer many more variations than are available with blinds or curtains that are pretty much either all open or all closed.

Shutters are Sleek

Shutters are sleek in design which is great in smaller spaces such as bathrooms. Curtains or other bulky window treatments would take up room and might make the bathroom appear smaller or cluttered. With the flat, sleek design shutters offer, your bathroom space will look fresh and clean.

A Color and Design for Every Taste

Today’s shutters come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. No matter what color or motif you are going for in your bathroom, you are sure to find a shutter color and design that will complement it.

Shutters Are Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Your bathroom produces a lot of moisture and humidity. Some blinds or curtains may get mildew build up or warp over time. With faux wood and waterproof vinyl shutters, you know your window treatments will last for years to come. You wont have to worry if water gets splashed on them or if they get dirty and you need to clean them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are redoing your entire bathroom from floor to ceiling, or simply want to change a few elements for a more updated look, window shutters are a great addition. With shutters allowing flexible privacy, tons of design and color options, and being sturdy enough to stand up to the moisture and humidity, they truly are the perfect window treatment for your bathroom.

If you are curious about installing bathroom window shutters in Lakeland, FL., contact Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments. Their knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and help you pick out the perfect shutter design for your space.

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