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Spring Cleaning Your Window Shutters

Spring Cleaning Your Window Shutters 

With the changing of the seasons and spring upon us, many homeowners like to take this time to spruce up their Lakeland shutters. If you have been cleaning your shutters regularly throughout the year, this cleaning will be much easier. However, even if you have neglected them a bit, we are going to tell you how to spruce up your shutters so they look like new in no time.

Step 1- Start with Dusting

The first step in getting your shutters in tip top shape is to begin by dusting them. To do this, wipe off each slat of the shutter with a dry microfiber cloth. If you choose, you can also use your vacuum and soft brush vacuum attachment to clean the dust.

Tip: You will want to start with the top slats as the dust will fall and settle onto the ones below the one you are cleaning. Also, don’t ignore the windowsill as that is a common place for dirt and dust to accumulate.

When you have completed this process, open the slats the opposite direction and repeat.

Step 2- Deep Cleaning

You may notice for most of your shutters, if you have cleaned them regularly throughout the year, this will be all that is needed to have them looking like new. However, if they have stains or grime, you will need to continue with a deeper cleaning.

Most vinyl shutters can be cleaned using a mixture of a mild soap and water. Simply wet a cloth with the mixture, ring out so that it is just damp, and wipe down the shutter. If you have wood shutters, make sure you use a cleaning product that is specially for wood items. You will need to follow the instructions found on that specific product.

Step 3 – Repair Minor Damages

While you are cleaning the shutters, pay attention to any damage you find. Some damage may require professional repair or replacement, but some, more minor damages are able to be repaired by a little DIY.

For example, if you have wood shutters, dents and scratches can often be repaired by either sanding them gently or by using wood putty to fill in areas. This can be done by most homeowners.

Another issue that you might notice is a loose slat. This can typically be fixed easily by tightening the screws that are on each end of the loose slat.

Step 4- Call the Professionals

The final step is to call in the professionals, if needed, to complete any larger repairs such as repainting the shutters, replacing any broken pieces, or anything else your shutters need to be like new again. If the old shutters have seen better days, or you want to go with a new style or design, this is a great time to replace them altogether.

Having your Lakeland shutters looking and functioning like new again is easy. While many homeowners like to use spring cleaning as a time to repair and refurbish their shutters, bringing new life into your shutters is a great thing to do anytime of the year.

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