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The Most Popular Stain Color Options for Window Shutters

The Most Popular Stain Color Options for Window Shutters

Are you going to be adding window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL to your home sometime soon? If you are, you should seriously consider going with Nature Coast Atlantic Wood Series shutters. They’re gorgeous shutters that are available in either stained or painted finishes. If you decide to go with these window shutters and you want them to come stained, you’ll have the ability to choose from any number of options. Today, we’re going to discuss several of the most popular stain color options so that you can know what to expect.


Do you want to try and use your new St. Petersburg, FL shutters to brighten up your home a little bit? Then you’re going to really enjoy what the gunstock stain color brings to the table. It’s a very brightly colored stain that will add a pop to almost any room. You’ll love how vibrant that it makes your home feel when you choose to go with it.


Would you prefer to use your new shutters to make your home feel slightly darker and warmer than it does now? Then you should stay away from something like gunstock and go with the ebony stain color. It’s pretty much the darkest type of stain color that you’re going to find when you go with Nature Coast Atlantic Wood Series shutters.


Over the years, the look and feel of cherry wood has become very popular among many homeowners. They love how beautiful that it is thanks to its reddish-brown tint. If you’re a big fan of the way that regular cherry wood looks, then you’re going to be head over heels for the cherry stain color that you can add to your window shutters. It’ll make them look absolutely amazing in the end.


If you want to go with something darker for your shutters but you don’t love the look of the ebony stain color, you might fall for the espresso stain color. It has a richness and elegance to it that you won’t always find in some of the darker stain color options. You’ll also love all the small unique details that are often found in this stain color. It definitely sets itself apart from the pack through them,


The walnut stain color is yet another fantastic option for anyone looking for a rich stain color for their shutters. You can also go with a special walnut stain color that is a little bit darker than the regular walnut one if you would like. Both have turned into popular choices for those incorporating window shutters into their homes.

Would you like to hear more about the stain color options available for those investing in Nature Coast Atlantic Wood Series shutters? Or do you want to find out about some of the other St. Petersburg, FL window coverings that we can offer to you? Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments can help you out in either case. Call us to get all the information you need on window coverings.

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