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Tips for Finding the Right Window Shades for a Child’s Bedroom

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Is it time to install new window shades in Tampa, FL in your child’s bedroom? Whether you just moved into a new house and need shades for their new room or want to replace their old window treatments in your existing home with new shades, you can find the perfect shades for their bedroom. It’ll just take you some time to locate the ones that will work best. Here are some tips for finding the right window shades for a child’s bedroom.

Look at the different types of window shades that are available.

One of the things you might not realize until you start shopping for Tampa, FL shades is that there are many different types of window shades out there today. From cellular shades to roller shades, there won’t be any shortage of options for you to choose from. Learn about what sets the different types of shades apart and see if there is one that looks like it might work well for your child’s bedroom. You might also want to browse through blinds to see if they could be a good option, too.

Find out how easy it is to open and close window shades.

Once you hang window blinds in your child’s bedroom, they’re going to be in charge of opening and closing them as they see fit. Therefore, you want to make sure it’s easy enough for them to open and close window shades without a problem. Most window shades these days can be opened and closed with a single finger, but that isn’t always the case. You should do your homework and see which window shades are the easiest to open and close. You should try to test some shades out as well to see how tough they are to open and close for your child.

Consider whether or not window shades are safe enough for kids to use.

Every year, there are kids who are injured and even killed as a result of accidents involving window treatments. Often times, the long cords that come attached to them cause accidents to occur. It’s a good idea to steer clear of installing any window treatments with cords. You should look for shades that are safe enough for your child to use on their own so that you don’t have to worry about them being involved in an accident in their bedroom.

Bring your child into the discussion and ask them which window shades they like.

At the end of the day, it’s your child, not you, that’s going to have to look at their window shades all the time and use them. Yes, you are most likely going to be the one paying for them, but since they’re going to be using them more than you, they should have some say over which shades go up in their bedroom. Don’t be afraid to welcome them into the discussion and ask them which shades they like. They’ll be more excited about having them installed when they feel like they helped pick them out.

Need a hand finding the best window shades for your child’s bedroom? Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments specializes in providing homeowners with Tampa, FL window treatments and can track down the perfect shades for you and your child. Give us a call at (813) 613-2327 to discuss shades or come see some of the shades we have to offer for yourself at 4910 W Knollwood St, Tampa, FL 33634.

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