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Updating Your Home’s Interior

Updating Your Home’s Interior

If you are planning to install new Lakeland shutters in your home, you are not alone. The past couple of years with more people staying and working from home there has been a rise in attention to interior design.. After all, when you are spending much more time inside, you want to do it in a place you enjoy.

Along with this attention to design, new trends are emerging. The main theme for interiors is cozy, and welcoming with a natural look and feel. When purchasing your new shutters, keeping these elements in mind will ensure you give your home the freshest and up to date look.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the individual elements and things you can do to create this new look and feel in your home.

Make Your Space Cozy and Welcoming

Creating spaces in our home that feel welcoming, cozy, and a place you want stay and spend time is definitely the latest trend. You can create this feeling by adding things like cozy pillows, soft rugs, and plush blankets.

Also, consider adding comfy seating areas, cozy reading nooks and other snug areas in the room. Making this space a relaxing, peaceful, cozy room where people want to be is the goal.

Incorporate Earthy Tones and Natural Wood

Color makes a big impact on any space. By simply changing this one element, the entire feel of a space can be transformed. From the wall color, to furniture, décor and window treatments such as shutters, the colors you choose will greatly impact the room.

The new colors trends we are seeing are earthy neutral tones. These earthy tones give a sense of peace, calm, and comfort. Continuing this aesthetic is the choice of using lighter word tones. This helps continue that light, airy, and calm feeling.

When picking out your new shutters, keep these colors in mind. Luckily with so many color and material choices, you will be able to find the perfect shutters to completement your space.

Surround Yourself with Natural Fabrics

The fabrics we are seeing trend are those of natural fibers. Linen, burlap, cotton, silk, wool are popular choices and you will often see them used in blankets, pillows, rugs, and window treatments. If you are updating your bedroom, using natural fabrics for your bedding will instantly give your room an updated look.

Bring the Outside In

The little touches you add to a space can go a long way in enhancing the overall tone of the room. Décor in the way of pictures, plants, vases, baskets, lightening, etc all play a role in creating a cohesive area.

With the newest trends being that of earthy tones and natural fabrics, consider adding some décor that plays to this. Using natural wood in décor like picture frames or adding potted plants are great ways to bring nature inside. You could also use driftwood, bamboo, or and other pieces of wood you find outside for accents in your home.

No matter what the latest trend may be, your Lakeland shutters can compliment it. So may choices in color, materials, and deign styles, your window shutters will be a beautiful design element adding beauty to any room. To learn more about shutters and all the options they include, call Nature Coast Shutters and Windows Treatments and let them help you design your perfect shutters.

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