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Is it Necessary to Install New Window Coverings in Clearwater, FL?

Do you need to spend money on window coverings for your Clearwater, FL home? The current window treatments seem to be working fine, which means that you might not see the purpose of new materials. But, there are several distinct benefits that are available if you choose to invest in window coverings.

How do you know if it is time for blinds, shades, or shutters? If you are thinking about these renovations, then you need to schedule an in-home consultation to learn more. Our team will visit your home to inspect your windows. Then, we can provide recommendations about the products that will be right for your family.

At Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments, we see the value in personalized solutions for every home. Your family is unique; so, you deserve unique window coverings to match your preferences. Our team will listen to your requests. Then, we can offer advice to help you choose the right materials. Here are a few reasons why it might be time to upgrade your window treatments:

1. Your Home is Outdated

There is a difference between antique décor and outdated home features. If you are still sporting retro curtains, then it might be time to spend a little money on new materials. These products will have a positive impact on the appearance of your home. You will notice an immediate difference in the style of your property after the new window treatment is installed.

Blinds, shades, and shutters play a big role in curb appeal. So, take your time to choose the products that will create the style that you desire. You can learn more about the various features that are available. Our team always encourages our customers to visit our showroom and look at examples online. These pictures can provide the inspiration that you need to select materials that match your preferences.

Get rid of the outdated window coverings and install modern features instead. You will love the appearance of your home after we are done with the installation!

2. Block the Neighbor’s View

Does it feel like you have prying eyes peering into your living space? Without good window coverings, you are allowing the whole world to see into your family room. Some homeowners aren’t bothered that the neighbors can see inside. But, other people prefer a little more privacy.

Hire an experienced contractor to ensure the fit of your new window treatments. Ill-fitting products might leave gaps or spaces that provide a view into your home. Instead, you need quality materials that cover the glass and create the privacy that you desire. Certain styles of shades or shutters can bring in the sunlight without showing the neighbors what you are doing inside.

3. Insulate the Windows

Energy efficiency is a hot topic, especially as homeowners are dealing with rising utility bills. If you are worried about the money that you are spending on utilities, then you need to talk to us about insulating window coverings. These products add an extra buffer to the window when the coverings are closed. As a result, it helps to reduce the amount of thermal transfer that is happening through the windows.

The most important insulation features need to be built into the window frames and the glass panes. But, your window coverings can offer a little more improvement. Talk to our team to learn about the best insulating features that are available.

4. Protect Your Furniture, Carpets, and Rugs

Is your furniture fading because of exposure to the sun? When the UV rays come in through the windows, they can cause the rugs, carpet, and furniture to fade. This wear and tear will result in a situation where the products need to be replaced.

You can reduce the risk of wear and tear by choosing window coverings to cover the windows. When the sun is shining on the glass directly, simply make a small adjustment to the angle of the blinds or shutters. Angling the slats will eliminate the direct exposure on the fabrics in your home.

5. Improve Property Value

Talk to an industry expert to learn how much these upgrades will impact the value of your property. Not only will your home have a higher appraised value. But, the shades, shutters, and blinds can also help with curb appeal. Set the right impression so that buyers are anxious to send an offer when they see the property.

You will love the results after we are done installing your new window coverings. If you live in Clearwater, FL, then you need to call us for a consultation: Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments.

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