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4 Benefits of Window Shutters in the Summer

4 Benefits of Window Shutters in the Summer 

Summer is a fun time filled with friends, vacations, and pool parties. It is also a time of year many homeowners use to complete upgrades around the home. One improvement that will pay off big in the summer is adding window shutters to your home. Let’s look at why summer is the perfect time for adding window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL.

What Are Shutters?

If you are not familiar with window shutters, they are a type of window covering that is a great alternative to curtains or blinds. They can elevate the overall look of any room and are considered to be a little more upscale than typical blinds.

Shutters are made up of slats. It is these slats that open and close to let light in. Some styles of shutters can even have the entire panel of slats open and close like a door. These shutters can have the entire panel move or be installed so that only the bottom and/or top panels move. With so many options, shutters are extremely versatile and are customized to fit any window.

1. Allows More Lighting Options

With so many ways to open the shutters, they provide the homeowner a way to really customize how much sunlight enters each room. This can be handy in the summer months if one side of the house gets more sun than another, the homeowner can close off the bright side of the house and open up the darker side a little more to allow a more even light throughout the home.

2. Provides A Cooler Atmosphere

With the long summer days providing more sunlight long into the evening hours, your air conditioning can have a hard time keeping your home cool. Shutters provide another barrier between your home and the sunlight. With the shutters being closed, you can notice a drastic amount of heat being blocked from your home. This will result in an overall cooler room and help your air conditioner keep the room at a more constant temperature.

3. Provides More Privacy

Neighborhoods are always more alive and bustling in the summer months. Children are out of school and are playing outside, neighbors may take this time to garden, wash their cars, host BBQ’s and more. With so many people outside your home, you may wish for a little more privacy.

Since the shutter slats can be closed completely, they block any inside view from outside neighbors. Also, when the panels of the shutters are closed, they fit snug so there are no gaps around the shutters as there might be with blinds or curtains.

4. Helps Reduce Outside Noise

With shutters creating another barrier between the window and the inside of your home, they can help reduce any outside noise. This is especially helpful if your neighbors are hosting a late-night BBQ, or the neighborhood kids are splashing in the pool next door.

These are just some of the reasons window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL. are a perfect addition to a home in the summer. If you would like to know more about shutters and how they can help you this summer, give us a call anytime as we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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