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7 Signs You Need New Window Treatments

7 Signs You Need New Window Treatments

When you think about home renovations you often start with paint, décor, furniture, or molding. Blinds, shades, and shutters often get overlooked. When was the last time you really looked at your window treatments? Are they getting kind of old and faded? Are they worn out? Do they not work as they should? Then it might be time to consider Lakeland shutters. Here are some signs to watch out for.

1. Impossible to Raise and Lower

Have your blinds become difficult to open and close? The lifting mechanism is probably worn out or damaged. Or perhaps they are too large or too heavy for the amount of space, making it difficult to manipulate them and support the load. If so, it is time for an update. New window treatments will be simple to operate.

2. Yellowing or Discoloration

Sun exposure can damage your window coverings because of the harmful UV rays. Not only will you notice signs of yellowing or discoloration, but also fading or brittle materials. Almost all types of window coverings will undergo some color change under constant exposure to the sun. When this happens, it is time to think about upgrading to a window covering that can withstand harmful UV rays.

3. Frayed Cords

You need to replace frayed cords on your window treatments as soon as possible. Frayed cords can mean the internal mechanism is damaging the cords or that the window coverings are very old. Either way, blinds are heavy. And frayed cords could make the operation unstable.

4. Frayed Edges

Shades, curtains, or drapes with frayed edges are also a sign it is time to upgrade your window treatments. This is especially true for shades that are too wide for the opening and constantly scrape the edges of the frame when opening and closing.

5. Slats Don’t Close Tight

Blinds are supposed to give you control over light and privacy. But if the blinds do not shut tight, you will not get either of those things. It isn’t much you can do to repair your blinds. It is probably time to get new window treatments.

6. Risk to Kids

Old window treatments can be a risk to the safety of your children. Kids might play with blinds or shades and could accidentally strangulate themselves with the cords. It is unfortunate, but this type of accident still happens more often than you might think. If your blinds seem risky, then it is time to upgrade to some cordless window treatments as a way to help keep young children safe.

7. Outdated Style

Sometimes you just need a change. And if your window treatments make your home look dated, it might be time for a window makeover. This is one home improvement that is relatively affordable and there are so many options at your disposal. You are sure to find something stylish and attractive for your home.

If your window treatments are falling into disrepair, and it might be time for an upgrade, consider contacting us for Lakeland shutters and window coverings. We can help you find the best products for your home, style, and budget.

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