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Can I Add Window Treatments With Shutters?

Can I Add Window Treatments With Shutters?

If you are considering installing Lakeland shutters in your home, you may wonder if you can add additional window treatments to your window. The answer is yes! Adding a valance or curtains to your shutters can add additional function and beautiful design.

How to Pick the Right Valance for Your Shutters

Whether you want a sleek neutral design or an old-fashioned cottage feel, there is a valance design for you! With your shutters being sleek and neutral they offer the perfect backdrop for whatever aesthetic you want to create.

When hanging your valance, just make sure to give yourself enough room for you shutters to be able to open and close without getting the fabric caught. You could also consider installing shutters that allow the bottom half to open while leaving the top half closed. This would allow you to have a valance that hangs down the window a bit further.

The last tip of finding your perfect valance is making sure it functional for the space. For example, you may not want a big valance full or ruffles in a bathroom where moisture could get trapped in the fabric and cause mildew. In that case, perhaps a sleeker valance made from waterproof material might be a better option.

How to Choose the Best Curtains for Shutters

Luckily, just as with the valances, there is almost an unlimited amount of choice when it comes to colors and designs for curtains. No matter what look you wish to attain, there is a curtain style to match it!

One important factor when it comes to choosing your curtains is deciding what function you would like them to have. Are you wanting to add more privacy and block out as much light as possible? If so, blackout curtains would be a great fit. If you’d like to keep sunlight coming in but add just a touch more privacy, you could consider sheer curtains.

Also, keep in mind the function of the curtains in the specific space. For example, if you are adding curtains to a nursey, you will want to make sure they are child-safe. If the curtains are going on a kitchen window where they may soak up food smells over time, you may want to choose a fabric that is easy to machine wash and dry.

Lastly, just as with the valance, when hanging your curtains just make sure to give yourself enough room so that your shutters can open and close easily.

Final Thoughts

Shutters are such a great addition to any home window. They offer flexible privacy, sleek design and added security. With shutter designs being neutral they offer a perfect backdrop to valances and curtains of any style letting you create your perfect aesthetic.

Whether you are ready to install new Lakeland shutters or replace and update old ones, contact Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help answer any questions you may have and help you pick out your perfect home shutters.

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