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Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Window Shutters

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Window Shutters

With window shutters in Lakeland, FL. becoming a popular window treatment option, more and more customers are shopping for them. While many people may be familiar with their look of them, they may not be as familiar with the styles or advantages they can provide. To help you learn more about this versatile and stylish window treatment option, we are answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

Are Shutters in Style (and Will They Stay in Style)?

Trends come and go and home trends are no different. Some trends make a big splash only to fizzle out a few years (or even months) later. The good news is that window shutters do not appear to be on this path.

Window shutters have been around for hundreds of years where they were used even before glass windows were created. Although they have not been the most used window treatment every year since then, they have never gone out of style.

The future for shutters to remain in style looks good. With the ability for the shutter to compliment any space and décor as well as its flexibility with function, shutters are thought of as a luxury and high-end item in a home. Because of this, shutters will always be in fashion.

How Long Do Shutters Last?

With proper care and maintenance, and depending on the material they are made of, shutters can last anywhere from 10-20 years. In fact, shutters can last so long that they are the only window treatment you can add that actually adds value to your home when you sell it as they are considered a permanent fixture.

Do Shutters Help Reduce Outside Noise?

If you have outside noise you want to dampen, shutters can sometimes help. When the shutters are closed, they can reduce outside noise slightly. You will want to note that because of the shutter’s hard surface if the room itself has noise or an echo, that noise can bounce off the shutters and be slightly enhanced.

Do Shutters Offer Better Privacy?

If you want privacy, then shutters are your choice. Shutters not only close completely with the slats as well as the panels, but they close tightly around the window. This reduces any gaps you may get with curtains or other types of blinds. When the shutters are closed, you can be confident outside eyes cannot see in.

How Do I Know Which Material to Choose?

Shutters come in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, and composite. Each of these materials can have its own set of pros and cons. Some materials are more durable while others may come in more designs. To decide which material is right for your room and needs, talk to a window shutter provider so they can assess your needs and help you choose the right one.

When you are ready for window shutters in Lakeland, FL., give us a call to schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable team is here to help answer any questions or concerns you have and help you pick out the perfect shutters for your interior.

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