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Can You Put Lakeland Shutters on Sidelights?

Can You Put Lakeland Shutters on Sidelights?

Interior shutters have been popular for a long time. They not only add that little touch of elegance to any room but also offer exceptional light control, privacy, and insulation. But do Lakeland shutters work on any kind of window? And do you need to cover every window in the home with shutters? This is a common concern, especially for front door sidelights. Many homeowners don’t know that they can choose custom interior shutters for these tricky windows flanking the front door.

Why Do Front Doors Have Sidelights?

First of all, let us address the fact that these windows do serve a purpose. Sidelights give the front entry a sense of grandeur and allow more natural light to filter into an often cramped space. Sidelights often have an unusually thin and long shape so they will fit beside the entry doors. And they don’t usually come in a standard size. It just depends on the space available for each unique situation. That can make it extremely difficult to find window treatments for these windows. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design or quality. Professional shutter companies can manufacture custom shutters or blinds for your sidelight windows.

Window Treatment Options for Entryway Sidelights

Here are some of the options to consider if you are looking to cover your sidelights by the entry door:

Mini Blinds

If you want a snug and cozy look for your entry, consider installing mini blinds on your sidelight windows. The smaller slats and compact size can be perfect for sidelight windows. And the windows treatments are both attractive and functional. These window treatments are low-cost and relatively low maintenance. That said, they are being used by the entry door and will collect a lot more dust and dirt than other areas of the house. So you will want to wipe them down more often to keep them in top shape.

Simple Drapery

Another common solution to sidelight windows is sheer drapes anchored at both the top and bottom of the window. These will hold in place, obscure the view from the outside, but still filter in plenty of natural light to fill the space with warmth. Many homeowners prefer these drapes as a small layer of separation between them and whoever may be at the door. So yes, sheer window drapes can be a simple, affordable, and elegant solution.

Interior Shutters

So many homeowners want a more elevated aesthetic for the entryway of the home. This is important because these window treatments are often one of the first things visitors will see and take note of when they approach and enter the home. You want to make a good first impression. And interior shutters offer a very classic touch. These upscale window treatments have wider slats and a more elegant finish. They come in a variety of durable materials that will help insulate the home. And the slats allow you to still maintain privacy while filtering in some natural light. And you can peek outside without it becoming obvious. And you can customize the size for a perfectly snug fit.

Ready to start shopping for Lakeland shutters to use on the sidelights in your entryway? Contact us today for more information.

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