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How Cellular Window Shades Could Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Does it feel like you’re paying entirely too much money every month to heat or cool your home? Your house probably isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. One easy way to change that is by installing new Clearwater, FL window shades in it. Cellular window shades, in particular, could help you cut down on your monthly energy costs.

So what makes cellular window shades so energy efficient? It’s all in the way they’re designed. They could make your home feel more comfortable and reduce the amount of time you need to run your heating and cooling systems. Here is how cellular window shades could make your home more energy efficient.

They open and close easily to allow you to block the sun or let sunlight shine in.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you have cellular shades in Clearwater, FL installed in your home is that they’re incredibly easy to open and close. You can order a cordless version of cellular shades and put them up and down with one finger. The great thing about this is that you can use the sun to your advantage. In the wintertime, you can allow sunlight in to heat your home up slightly. In the summertime, you can prevent sunlight from getting into your home and cool it down. Either way, you have the option of controlling cellular shades easily due to their design.

They trap air in the cell pockets that are incorporated into their design.

Outside of going up and down easily, cellular shades also come with cell pockets incorporated into their design that do most of the dirty work when it comes to controlling the climate in your home. These cell pockets automatically draw in air and serve as a barrier between your home and the outside world. Once air is inside of the pockets, air won’t be able to pass between your windows and the inside of your house easily. This will prevent your HVAC system from having to go into overdrive to heat or cool your home. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you install cellular shades.

They pair nicely with draperies.

If you want to put up cellular shades on their own in your home, you’re more than welcome to do it. But you can also put them up along with draperies to make your home even more energy efficient than it would be with shades alone. Cellular shades pair nicely with draperies and will provide you with all of the insulating properties you need to keep your home comfortable. You should consider putting up heavier drapes in the winter to keep the cold out while going with lighter ones in the spring and summer.

When you choose cellular shades as your new window treatments in Clearwater, FL, you’ll feel the difference in your home and see the difference in your energy costs. Let Nature Coast Shutters & Window Treatments show you more of the advantages of going with these window shades. Contact us at (813) 613-2327 or stop by 4910 W Knollwood St Tampa, FL 33634 for more information.

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