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How Window Shutters Can Improve the Safety of Your Florida Home

How Window Shutters Can Improve the Safety of Your Florida Home

Many homeowners may be drawn to window shutters because of the upscale design or how they offer more options for allowing light to come in. But did you know that besides adding beauty to your home, installing window shutters in your Lakeland, FL. home can actually help keep you and your family safer? Keep reading to learn how the unique design of shutters can add security and safety for your home and family.

Window Shutters Add Another Layer of Protection

Window shutters are permanent window fixtures that are strong and durable. Because of this, they offer another layer of protection between you and someone trying to break in your home. Many shutters also offer a locking mechanism making them even stronger against break-ins.

When a window just has curtains or blinds, the burglar only has to break into the window, then they are free to get inside your home. However, with the shutters, even after the window is broken, there is another layer for them to have to get through. Due to this, burglars are less likely to try to break into a house with window shutters.

Shutters Provide Your Family More Privacy

With shutters being installed flush to the window, when closed, they offer a completely blocked view from the outside. With curtains and blinds, there may be gaps in the fabric or around the window where outside peeking eyes could see in. With shutters, you can feel confident knowing that when they are closed, outside eyes cannot see in.

Shutters are Safer for Children

If your household has children, window shutters are a great way to help keep them safer. Children die every year from cords from blinds as well as fabric and cords from curtains. Since shutters don’t have any of these cords, your children are safe from this hazard. This makes shutters a safer option for rooms like a nursery, children’s bedrooms and bathrooms, and playrooms.

Shutters Can Help Protect You From Extreme Weather

With weather becoming more and more extreme each year, installing window shutters can make you feel safer when a bad storm hits. When high winds or a threat of a tornado appears, being able to close your interior window shutters and lock them tight can help protect you from broken glass should your window crack or break due to the storm.

Final Thoughts

Window shutters are a wise investment for your home for several reasons. First, they add an upscale look and can even improve the dollar value of your home. Also, shutters can help with reducing heating and cooling costs which can add up to big savings over time. But even more importantly, shutters can actually help keep you and your family more safe.

By adding this extra layer to your window, you have additional security when it comes to protection from break-ins and well as extreme weather. And, with no fabric or cords, you can be confident knowing that is one less threat to your children’s safety. With all of these advantages, don’t wait. Call us today to get your window shutters installed in your Lakeland, FL. home today.

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