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Short Guide to Wooden Shutters


Short Guide to Wooden Shutters 

When considering new interior window shutters for your home you will come across several different materials and finishes to choose from. One popular choice is wooden shutters. With their classic look they can add a beautiful design element to any space they are installed in. However, there are some considerations when it comes to location as well as cleaning these shutters. Provers of St. Petersburg shutters share what you need to know to keep your wooden shutters looking and working great.

About Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters can be found made from a variety of different woods such as basswood, white ash, pine, poplar, and paulownia, plus many more. Each wood will have its own set of traits making it more (or less) durable than others as well as being higher (or lower) quality than others in the same category.

When choosing your wooden shutters, it is important to consider the type of wood so that you ensure you are getting what is best for your needs. You window shutter provider will be able to provide details and help you choose the best option.

Installing Wooden Shutters

While wooden shutters can look amazing in any space, there are some spaces where they may not be the best choice, Mainly these spaces are kitchens and bathrooms. This is because with may wooden shutters, moisture can damage the wood over time. This may appear in the form of warping or cracking of the wood.

Another location to pay attention to when it comes to your wooden shutters is anywhere near fireplaces, space heaters, heating vents, or even air conditioning units as extreme temperatures can also damage you shutters over time.

Proper Use of Your Shutters

Although wooded shutters are extremely durable and should last for years, they will only do so with proper usage. This means things like using the tilt bar to open and close the louvers rather than trying to adjust them manually. Also, it is important not to tilt just one louver as this can damage it.

Cleaning Your Wooden Shutters

Keeping your wooden shutters clean and free of dust and dirt build-up is important to not only allow them to function properly, but also allow their natural beaty shine thought. To clean your wooden shutters, simply use a clean dry cloth and wipe any dust away. For a deeper cleaning, use a soft cloth and a mild wood cleaner. Make sure to avoid any cleaners with harsh chemicals as they can damage the wood over time. You can also use tools such a toothbrush and vacuum attachments to clean hard to reach areas of the shutters.

Final Thoughts

Wooden interior window shutters can add elegance and beauty to any room. These shutters are extremely durable and will not only add design to your space, but can also increase your home security and value at the same time.

Making sure your investment stays looking and operating like new long after the installation is important. By following the tips we have covered, your St. Petersburg shutters will remain beautiful for years.

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