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Shutters or Blinds for Your Florida Home?

Shutters or Blinds for Your Florida Home?

Window shutters in Lakeland, FL. have been an increasing growing trend in homes and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. However, some homeowners still may prefer blinds as their choice of window treatments, while other homeowners may be torn between the two. If you find yourself in this last category, this article is for you as we are going to dive into shutters and blinds and see how they compare.

Window Shutters

As we said, window shutters have been making a big comeback. They can be seen in newly built homes and many homeowners are updating their current home with this latest trend. These window treatments add an elevated style to a home and can actually increase its value since they are considered permanent and stay with the home should the owners ever sell.

Although homeowners may choose this option for various reasons, some of the most common ones are:

  • Privacy– When shutters are closed, they are completely closed. This means there are no gaps or areas where outside eyes can see in.
  • Light control– With various parts of the shutters being able to be manipulated, homeowners able much more control of how much light comes in or stays out
  • Energy efficient Window shutters can be much more energy efficient that other treatments since they can create another barrier to keep hot sun out in the summer and warm air inside in the winter.

Shutters have a ton of benefits, but they do come with some drawbacks. These can include:

  • Can be pricy– Shutters are much more of an investment that other window treatments and as such they can come in at a much higher price point.
  • Obstructed view– Even with the slats of the shutters are open, you will have an obstructed view.
  • Require maintenance– To ensure your shutters operate correctly, cleaning and maintenance needs to be performed. Although it is not difficult, it is something that needs to be performed regularly.


Blinds have changed a lot of the years and can now offer homeowners a wide array of colors and finishes. Blinds can be found made from faux and real wood, vinyl, and even aluminum. Other than so many design choices, homeowners may consider blinds for reason such as:

  • Budget Friendly– Blinds can come in at a price point homeowners are more comfortable with
  • Light control– Blinds can be very effective with control light
  • Can be motorized– Many homeowners love the ease of motorized blinds as they add extra comfort and convenience

Just as with shutters, blinds do have their drawbacks that homeowners need to be aware of. These include:

  • Safety Hazard– Blinds have cords that can pose a safety risj to young children and pets
  • Cleaning– Blinds get duty very easily and will need to be cleaned on a regular basis
  • Easy to damage– Some blinds are not as sturdy as they seem and may be easily damaged

If you are still on the fence about shutters or blinds for your Florida home, give us a call today and let one of our window professionals answer any questions you may have. We specialize in blinds and window shutters in Lakeland, FL. so call today.

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