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Where to Use Windows Shutters in Your Florida Home

Where to Use Windows Shutters in Your Florida Home

If you have moved into a home, or simply want to give your current home an updated makeover, you maty be considering shutters for the window treatments. These window treatments have been used for over hundreds of years and are making a big comeback being seen in newly built homes all across the nation. And with good reason as shutters provide homeowners with many benefits as well as adding a sense of style and design. If you would like to use shutters in your home but not sure exactly where or how, providers of St. Petersburg shutters share these ways.

Arched Windows

While many homes in the past use traditional rectangular windows, more homes these days can be seen with arched windows. These windows add much more of a design element to any room, but many homeowners struggle to know what window dressing to use as the shape can make it awkward. This is a perfect place to use shutters. Plantation shutters look amazing and can be customized to fit just about any shape, including arches. With arched top shutters, your arched windows will truly be a beautiful focal point in any room.

Café Shutters

If you have a window where you wish a lot of light to be able to come in as well as create a unique look, consider using café shutters. These shutters do not cover the window fully but only go up half way leaving the top of the window completely open. These shutters can be especially cute in spaces such a breakfast room area as they recreate the feel of a cozy café.

Bedroom Shutters

Installing window shutters in your bedroom can provide you with a ton of benefits. First, when shutters are closed, they are completely closed. There are no gaps that you may get from other treatments such as curtains. This means when your shutters are closed, you can feel confident you have complete privacy from outside eyes. Also, when closed, shutters can add another layer of security from break-ins as they not only have to break the window, but then also break through the shutters. Many burglars will not want this hassle and choose a different home.

For those who like a very dark room to sleep in, shutters make a great choice as there are no gaps for light to come in when they are closed. This can help you sleep in a little longer on those lazy weekend mornings.

Living Room Shutters

Another room where shutters shine is your home’s main living area. This is because with so many ways to open and close the shutters, you can adjust the light and how much your get shining into the room throughout the day. For example, in the morning you may wish to open the shutter panels completely to expose the entire window and let in all the morning sun. However, in the hotter part of the afternoon, you may wish to close the panels yet open some of all of the slats to still allow light.

When you are ready to for your St. Petersburg shutters, we are here to help. Our window professionals are standing by and ready to provide you with a free estimate. Call today.

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