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Tips for Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Tips for Making a Small Room Look Bigger 

Does your home include one or two smaller rooms? Looking for ways to make those areas feel spacious and cozy instead of cramped? There are several design techniques you can use to enhance and change the appearance of a small space. But your windows and how you cover them can have a dramatic impact. Here are just five tips you can use to make a small room look bigger with window treatments and window shutters in St. Petersburg, FL.

1. Go Long

Small rooms feel tight because of the low ceiling. This diminishes the vertical dimension of the space. To draw the eye upward you can try swapping out horizontal window treatments with vertical window treatments. The vertical lines will put off an air of sophistication and elegance while also drawing the eye upwards. Really want to pronounce the height? Hang your curtain rod above the window frame and allow the drapes to hang all the way to the floor.

2. Filter in More Natural Light

One of the leading advantages of natural light is it fools the eye into seeing more space. Brightening up the space will make small bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces feel bigger. So how can you capitalize on a natural light without sacrificing all your privacy? Consider installing sheer drapes. These won’t make the room any darker but will still help you maintain privacy while indoors. Looking for a more permanent solution? You might consider upgrading your window to a larger style and think about getting window shutters that allow you to control the light.

3. Match Colors

When decorating a small space, adding too many colors and patterns will make the room feel cluttered and much smaller. Instead, you want to decorate the room with a simple, lighter color palette to encourage visual flow. That also means matching the trim to the walls to the window frames. You might even consider a light color for your window treatments, so everything blends well together. Then you can use smaller accents like bold furniture or artwork to help direct the eye and break up the space.

4. Reflect the Outdoor View

Mirrors are another great way to make a small room appear larger. A lot of interior designers suggest placing a large mirror opposite one of the windows. This will bounce more light around the room, but also reflect the view of the outdoors so it looks like there are more windows. To make the transition even more seamless you can match the frame of the mirror to the wall color or color of the window frames.

5. Retire Your Blinds

Blinds have a horizontal orientation, drawing the eye from side to side instead of up and down. So one way to open up a space is to eliminate blinds and swap them for something else. If privacy is not as much of a concern, you might even eliminate window treatments altogether.

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