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Ways Shutters Can Be Used That May Surprise You

Ways Shutters Can Be Used That May Surprise You

If you dream of having window shutters in your home, but your space has odd-shaped windows, you may think you are just out of luck. You may be under the impression that unless you have windows that are regular shaped, shutters won’t work. Well, you would be wrong. Did you know that you can get window shutters in Lakeland, FL. in all types of sizes and shapes? Let’s look at some of these surprising places shutters can be used.

Shutters with Arched Windows

While arched windows can be such a nice design feature in a space, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what to do with them as far as window coverings. If it is a small arched window above the regular window, many people don’t do anything with it at all. Others may cover it with a valance or add curtains to go over the top of it and hide it. If it is a long, more normal sized window with an arched top, these can be just as difficult to cover. Luckily, window shutters can cover both types. So, if you have either of these window types, no worries, you can still have your shutters.

Shutters for Doors

If you have French doors, adding shutters enhance the beauty and function to the next level. While some French doors have blinds, they can look messy and be an annoyance if they are not secure on the bottom when the doors open and close.

But with shutters having a tight, secure fit, they are snug and give the doors a nice clean, upscale look. Not only that but you can add in so much more sunlight since the slats of the shutters can be open all the way for the length of the door.

What About a Sliding Glass Door Unit?

This might surprise you but you can even have shutters with a sliding glass door unit. These shutters normally don’t open the way window shutters do, but instead roll and slide like the glass door does. So for example, you may have two shutter panels covering the space and one panel will simply slide in behind the other one. Depending on how large the sliding glass door is will determine how many shutter panels there will be.

Still Not Sure if You Can Have Shutters?

You may be reading this thinking that’s all great but what about your octagon-shaped window in your bathroom? Good news is you can have shutters for that, too! Shutters can be customized into just about and shape and size making them the perfect option for any and every window in your home.

And shutters aren’t just for windows. They can be used for doors as well. Some places you may see this design feature is kitchen panty doors, closet doors, linen closet doors and more.

You can see with window shutters in Lakeland, FL., being available in so many shapes and sizes, and being able to be customized for specialty windows as well as used for doors, there is no limit where you can use window shutters.

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