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Window Trends for Your Florida Home

Window Trends for Your Florida Home

Window treatments not only serve a function, but they are also a perfect opportunity for to show off your personality and help enhance the room’s overall look and feel. While some homeowners have this design element mastered, many struggle with what to use or how to make the most of this design opportunity. If you would like to ensure your home has them most up-to-date stylish look, providers of Lakeland shutters share these top trends.

Go Minimal

While once the trend for windows might have been big, oversized curtains and valances, minimalism is definitely taking hold. Sleek, simple lines and design are the new look for windows. To achieve this look, ditch the fabric curtains and opt for a choice such as a roller shade. These shades have the modern design that fits perfectly with the minimalistic aesthetic.

Choose Multi-Functional

Homeowners today want window treatments that provide more bang for their buck. That’s why one of the most popular trends is window treatments that are multi-functional. Long are the days where window treatments just had to look good and provide privacy, now homeowners expect much more from this design element.

One way to jump on board with this trend is to consider roller shades that also offer more light protection such as solar shades. Another option is window shutters as these not only add beauty but also provide more security, light control and can even help with your energy bills.

Natural and Organic

A big trend this year has been create spaces that feel very open, fresh, natural, and organic. This is done in the room by using natural fabrics and light colors. This is carried over with the window treatments. Whether choosing shutters, shades, or blinds, option for fresh, clean, natural colors and finished will give your home a very updated and on trend look.

Energy Efficient

With more people becoming environmentally conscious, there is a rising trend in products that help save electricity and reduce people’s carbon footprint. While window treatments may not be able to save the world, they can help in saving electricity. For example, shutters are wonderful at creating another barrier at the window to help keep the hot sun out in the summer months, while helping the warm air remain inside in the winter months. Also, may blinds and shades are being made with special solar features to also help with the reduction of harmful sun rays entering the home.

Final Thoughts

You can see there are many ways to update your home window treatments to give your home a stylish look. From shutters to blinds and shades, there are a ton of options to choose from. While this can be overwhelming for many homeowners, as providers of Lakeland shutters we want you to know we are here to help. Call today and talk with one of our professional window treatment consultants to help you decide which option is best for your needs. We are here to help you find the perfect style and material that will suit your design aesthetic perfectly.

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